DNA Information

The Genetica DNA Test™


Beginning with our initial meeting through the final test results and personal consultation, the Genetica DNA Test™ makes the process of DNA identity testing as easy for you as possible. The difference is in the way we test-and in the way we care.

Listening to you and your needs

Our highly trained, caring professionals take the time and the care to listen to you, always in complete confidence. Your situation is extremely personal and Genetica counselors give you the special, personal attention you need and deserve.

Answering your questions and concerns-with care and understanding

We know that DNA testing is a new experience for you, so we give you all the facts and information you need to make your personal decisions. Genetica counselors will answer the questions you may not know to ask-then make recommendations to assist you in making your personal decisions easier.

Receive the most accurate DNA test available ... anywhere

The special Genetica DNA testing process is so stringent; our average power of exclusion is greater than 99.999999%. What does this mean to you? Our level of accuracy is over 1 million times higher than most state and government standards, and the Genetica DNA Test™ is significantly higher in accuracy than the tests performed at other laboratories. Plus, all tests performed by Genetica have guaranteed results. Trust Genetica for the best, most accurate test results, plus the personal attention you need.

Providing you with test result counseling follow-up resources-because we care

At Genetica your test results are not only thoroughly explained to you, but we can also recommend follow-up care resources to give you and your family the support you may need.

Expect the best, request ... the Genetica DNA Test™.

Why should you choose Genetica?

Genetica DNA Laboratories is one of the largest and most experienced private DNA testing laboratories in the US. Since 1998, we have preformed thousands of DNA identity tests-DNA parentage and identity testing are the only tests Genetica performs.

Genetica's doctors carefully review and guarantee every DNA test that is conducted in our laboratories.

The professional staff at Genetica has played a key role in establishing accreditation standards used by DNA testing laboratories throughout North America.

Genetica is one of the first DNA testing laboratories in the US to receive accreditation by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). Along with the AABB, Genetica is also fully accredited by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDH) and by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA). Our test results are recognized and accepted in all courts throughout the country. The professional at Genetica are regulary called upon to provide affidavits, dispositions and expert witness testimonies on DNA testing in courts throughout the US.

The information you trust with Genetica is a accurate, safe and confidential. Rest assured, you can trust in the Genetica DNA Test.

Your situation is personal and unique. At Genetica we realize the results given to you will have a profond and lasting impact on you and the people you cherish. As a DNA testing laboratory, we feel privileged to have an essential role in the discovery and documentation of your DNA identy and of your biological relations.