DNA Testing

Who is helped by choosing The Genetica DNA Test™?

  •     Parents requiring to identify the custody and/or visitation rights of their children.
  •     Parents seeking child support.
  •     Grandparents wanting to verify the identity of their grandchildren.
  •     Adoptees who want to identify their biological family members.
  •     Immigrants wishing to legally immigrate to the United States or elsewhere.
  •     Individuals verifying their relationship to the deceased to ensure rightful inheritance and social security benefits.
  •     People wanting to verify sibling relationships.
  •     Individuals looking for missing family members.
  •     Twins wishing to determine if they are identical or fraternal.

Identity Solutions — Most Accurate Testing

The Genetica DNA Test™ is the most stringent, most precise testing process available to you and your family. The test procedure starts with collecting a sample from the mother, the child, and the alleged father. Single parent/child testing may also be performed. Since DNA knows no age limits, testing can be done at any age from infancy through adulthood. The Genetica DNA Test™ can also be done prior to the birth of the child. At Genetica, we ensure the testing experience is as simple and comfortable as possible for everyone involved.

Types of sampling include:
  •     A simple non-invasive buccal swab from inside the mouth.
  •     A small pin-prick blood sample.
  •     Tissues collected from an autopsy.
  •     Fetal amniotic cells for prenatal testing.
  •     Safe umbilical-cord blood collected during birth.

Experience our Caring Touch

From the moment you contact Genetica DNA Laboratories for a parentage test, you experience the respect and the confidentiality only Genetica can give to you and your family. We understand that life's issues can be complicated, but identity-testing experience doesn't have to be. Beginning with the initial sample collection to sharing the final test results with you, the experience is kept simple. Genetica counselors provide the straight facts to you before, during and after the Genetica DNA Test™. We take the time to explain your results, and if desired, we can recommend any additional care and support resources available for you and your family.