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Many occupational health clinics and drug testing companies take a minimal approach. Your employees wait at the clinic to give a specimen, and then you wait several days for results. Their communication is often poor and the availability of an expert on drug-free environments is sporadic at best.

We are aware a successful drug-free workplace program is much more than that. It is a superior-quality, well-organized, and coordinated system designed to help you identify employees who require support and give them access to the sources they need to return to work. Superior Drug & DNA Testing offers the most comprehensive set of resources to design and implement your drug-free workplace program.

Committed to Your Success

Our nationwide network of 7,600 collection sites includes lab-owned sites, independent facilities, and well-trained mobile collectors. Our network also contains the best Medical Review Officers (MROs) in the industry and a national group of certified substance abuse professionals who provide full addiction counseling and employee assistance services. Since emergencies arise, we are available 24 hours a day for consultation and analysis.

Worker in Lab Coat - DNA Testing

Components of Successful Programs Include:

• Comprehensive Employee Training
• Employee Assistance Program
• Trained & Experienced Administrator
• Full-Service Consortium Program
• Well-Written Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy


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