Drug Testing Programs

Program One: Off-Site Urine Drug Testing  Program One is a urine drug screen that can test for 5, 9, or 10 panels (drugs). Regardless of the number of drugs you want tested, the price remains the same.

Program Two: Drug and Alcohol Testing  Program Two is a Urine Drug Screen with the same panel selection as Program One plus the addition of Alcohol testing on the sample. The additional Alcohol panel is ideal for post accident, reasonable suspicion and post offer hiring situations.

Program Three: Hair Drug Testing  — Program Three is Hair Testing by Psychemedics, which offers the first internationally patented technology to analyze hair follicles for drugs of abuse.

Program Four: On-Site Oral Fluid Drug Testing   — Program Four is the 6-panel Oral Fluid Drug Test, which includes the test for Ecstasy. This test can be administered on site in your office in less than 5 minutes and on-line collection video instructions are provided.

Program Five: On-Site Urine Drug Testing   — Program Five offers drug testing using a self-contained integrated cup that may be administered on site. SD&DT offers a 5 panel test using various products which range in price.

Medical Review Officer (MRO) Service   — SD&DT also offers an MRO service for clinical interpretation of results by a licensed M.D. who is also educated about drugs of abuse.